Friday, March 21, 2014


March 10, 2014

  We are swamped this week as we have transfers which means we have to take missionaries to Puerto (2 hour drive) and then pick up the new missionaries.  We also have district meeting and just several other things going on.  But please send us another email maybe on Saturday to remind us about the car thing and we will take the time to let you know what dad thinks.  Our families are doing so  GREAT!! We love them so much.  The father of the one that had the W of W problem is doing awesome.  He is just the sweetest man and we are so excited about them.  And we have another family - I think they have 4 kids, and they are set for baptism on April 26th I believe.  It is just so incredible to witness the Spirit working in their lives.  They are amazing and wonderful people!  I will try to take time to write more maybe tomorrow night if Dad has Branch Presidency meeting.  He is not in the branch presidency, but he is suppose to meet with them to help them learn their duties and responsibilities. Well, got to run.  We have to do an orientation lesson for our infield language training classes.  We feel so strongly that we need to learn the language and we feel that we will be more effective missionaries.  Pray for us that we will be able to learn it.
We love you all so much!  

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