Wednesday, March 26, 2014


March 26, 2014
Yesterday we spent the day in Puerto for training.  It was great!  Days run together, and I can't really remember when things happen and what I've told you, so if I repeat something just chalk it up to old age :) I have really got to try to do better with just keeping a short daily journal so that I can remember things, but there just doesn't seem to be time.  But, I am dedicated to try to do that.  Anyway, it was a great week!  

Bro Magsino is still struggling with WofW, but he is still trying and we are praying for him every day.  They are such a good family.  I don't know if I've explained it but there are several of the magsinos that live in the same area, some next door to each other.  Anyway, they had a FHE on Sunday that we went to.  The people here are so fun!  And they LOVE to sing.  In EVERY meeting they have an opening and closing song, and they sing all the verses.  I think their favorite hymn is "Love At Home"!  I have sung that hymn more since we've been here than in my whole life I think.  As I think you know, that is not my favorite hymn, but I think I have really come to appreciate it more because I think the members here really desire to have strong families and I think they  just love that hymn.  And many of them know the verses by heart.  Oh, they sing all their hymns in English.  And it is kind of funny - they kind of have their own rhythm or beat to most of them.  You can tell what song they are singing, but they'll hold a note longer or shorter, go up when they're suppose to go down, that kind of thing.  In RS we have a piano that will play the hymns, but they don't like to use it.  And for an introduction the person leading the song stands up and sings like the first line and then says, "Sing", or "Ready, sing".  My first time in RS the chorister got up and did that and I didn't know so I started singing with her and she just gave me a look so I stopped because no one else was singing, and then I understood how they do it.  We do have some youth who are learning to play the piano and they play for Sacrament meeting.  They play the simplified hymns, but another funny thing, with the bottom hand  they kind of jazz it up.  Don't know really how to explain it, and I don't know where it comes from, but they all do it.  Anyway, back to the FHE - it was great!  Another thing they like to do is play games, and our BP is the "game master".  He has been at every FHE we have gone to and he always has games.  I don't think we have played the same game twice.  It would take too much time to explain them on line, but when we Skype, if you are interested I can explain some of them.  And then, if you mess up or get out at the end you get "a punishment" from the BP, which means you have to sing a song or something.  Most of them are not too shy and don't mind doing that.  Can you believe it - Dad even plays the games!  It's not his favorite thing, but he does it.  Remind me to tell you about the "Hello Harry" game.  Only, with their accents the Filipinos say, "Hello Haurry".  It's just funny!  I know, you're just falling off your chairs with laughter (joke lang), but I'll just have to explain it to you.  Oh, another thing about FHE - at least the ones we've gone to, there are several families, not just one, always a big group, and then they serve dinner afterwards.  We have one scheduled here next Monday for the Jagmis family, who are suppose to be baptized on Saturday.  We are so excited for them and just really love them.  Before the Gwilliams left we had an FHE here for them and it was just so fun to see them interact with the other members.  

Afterwards two of the sisters of the branch (Maricris Magsino and her sister, Cheryl Corpus) were washing dishes and Sister Jagmis went in and helped them and it was like they were just old friends.  I think that really helped her.  The Mondares family are suppose to be set for April 19th, but I'm not sure if they will be ready. Bro Mondares has a WoW problem.  He said before it would not be a problem to quit, but I think people don't realize how addicted they are.  He also said he has not "received a sign" that the BoM is true.  The missionaries asked us to talk about how we came to know the book was true, but you just don't know how much they really understand.  Anyway, we continue to pray for them.  We had an interesting thing happen on Monday.  We were at a store here and we were trying to find dish towels for the missionary apartment in Cabar that we are setting up.  Anyway, it was hard trying to get them to understand what we were looking for.  But after one of the workers came up and asked where we were from.  We said the US, Nevada and Idaho.  I then explained we were missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints", and pointed to my badge. She responded, "Mormons?"  We said yes, and asked if she was a member.  She said no so we asked if she would like to know more.  She hesitated a minute and then said yes, so we got her name and number and told her the Elders would contact her.  Not sure if she really understood what we asked, but the missionaries will contact her and we shall see.  

We have had 3 more big spiders, but not quite as big as the one in the sink!  We sprayed on Monday so hopefully we won't have them.  Grandpa also found a tuko (don't know if that is spelled right) in our home.  It was about 10" long and REALLY UGLY!  They are some type of lizard and really creepy.  Anyway, I told him he needed to kill it or I wouldn't be able to sleep so he got the broom handle and took care of it.  But it wasn't easy because they move REALLY fast, and they even jump!  I hope that is the last one we see.  There was something else new, but I can't remember now what it was.  But there are ALOT of cats, dogs, and  chickens everywhere, just free-roaming.  The interesting thing is that you never see the dogs chasing the cats or chickens.  I don't know how that happens.  Our BP said he use to eat anything - cats, dogs, rats, etc, but now he does not.  I think he was being honest with us.  I think when you are very poor and have no money you do what you can with what you have. 

Well, there is so much always to tell.  We went to Quezon, Cabar, and Brooke's Point last week to do apartment checks, get apartment contracts signed, and to check on the new apartment in Cabar.  They are suppose to move in on April 1, so we will be going down there to take them all of the stuff they need, and help them move their bunk beds etc.  On Sunday, after Priesthood Dad was asked to speak in Sacrament meeting.  I think they do that last minute thing a lot here.  Also, Dad was called to the High Council and I to the RS District Secretary.  These are the callings the Gwilliams had so we are taking their places.  Anyway, later I am going to try to email some pictures, maybe tomorrow.  But tomorrow we are meeting with some organization that provides wheelchairs for the needy.  I don't think they are members of the church.  The Gwilliams actually got started with it but we followed up and they are coming tomorrow to assess and measure.  We have 3 people in our branch that need them. One a little bit older gentleman who had a stroke. Another woman who just recently had a stroke, actually the one I think I told you about that was in the hospital and couldn't get out because they couldn't pay, but the church helped them with some of the $.  The third is this most beautiful young woman.  She is really crippled and deformed, but she was not born that way.  I can't remember what we were told about how it happened.  Anyway, she is really beautiful.  She does not come to church because she lives with her sister and her sister won't take her.  We will see what we can do.  Anyway, got to run.  I will try to send pictures soon.  


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