Sunday, April 6, 2014

Food in the Philippines

April 3, 2014

 Someone asked what we eat, so I thought I would write a little about that.  We have eaten quite a bit of Filipino food.  We have eaten pan cit, which is a noodle dish.  Mostly it's pretty good, but once in a while its not too great. 

Sopas is a pasta soup.  It is very good as long as it hasn't cooked too long.  The last time we had it the pasta was mush and I could barely get it down!  I had almost taken a second scoop but was so grateful I hadn't.  The one bad thing about that is it usually has the red hot dogs in it.  I think I told you what is in the red hot dogs - red worms.  But, I've gotten through that too.  When I serve myself I just try to avoid them.  

Adobo is the national dish, so we've been told, but it is not that great.  They eat a lot of pork here, but I really try to avoid it.  They leave ALL the fat on, so you get a huge piece of fat with a very tiny piece of meat.
Lumpia is pretty good.  It is very much like egg rolls.  We had a RS activity here and one of the sisters demonstrated how to make it.  

We had curry chicken, which was really pretty good.  But there's a problem with the way they do chicken here.  They just use a cleaver and chop the chicken up, bones and all, and it all goes into whatever they are cooking.  So you have to continually be aware of bones.  I really try to avoid all meat, if possible.  

Our favorite is called bekal express.  The missionaries made it for us, as they cook once a month for our weekly correlation meeting/luncheon.  It was VERY good.  It is with pork and it cooks in a sauce made of coconut milk, out of a fresh coconut.  But it is not just the juice.  They grind the coconut and then they press it and get all the juices out.  It was really good.  I told the elder who made it that he needs to give me the recipe.  When they make the luncheon they cook here so I plan to watch him next time they do it. 

Probably the most interesting thing Dad has eaten was Seafood Chop Suey at a restaurant we went to on Tuesday on our trip to Cabar.  Their "seafood" is not like our seafood.  He ate something that tasted kind of like crab, but was octopus.  And they did have shrimp in it, head and all.  We had to keep one to take a picture.  It's not the best picture, but you can see the black eyes staring at you.  Here they eat fish, head and all.

   They aren't very good pics, you get the idea.  Dad ate them - without the heads. 

 Love you!

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