Sunday, April 6, 2014

Jagmis the Ocean!

March 30, 2014

Hi Everyone!  Hope everyone is doing great!  We had a busy and exciting week!  But mostly I wanted to tell you about the baptism yesterday and send you some pictures.  It was the Jagmis family.  We showed up Sat to fill the font and...NO WATER!! Our water had been off since Friday - not off off, we still had a drizzle, but anyway.  To make a long story short we ended up going to the beach and having the baptism there.  We had the service in the chapel and then went out.  

 This is the Jagmis Family.  Carmelita is the little girl, the 2 little boys are Christian and Jefferson, the older young man is Jason - he is the nephew of Sister Jagmis and lives with them, and then Brother Jagmis. 

 Bro Jagmis is the father who asked us, the first time we visited them (not the first time they were taught, just the first time we met them), what he could do to strengthen his family.  They have just moved steadily forward and are really a remarkable family.  Last fast meeting he wanted to bear his testimony but his wife told him not to because they weren't members yet. 

Here they are going out in the ocean.  They had to go out quite a ways to get it deep enough.  Elder Haynie and Elder Julito were the witnesses (still in missionary clothes because we didn't think about them needing to change), and Elder Torida and Elder Richards were the baptizing missionaries.

Another of the baptism, but look at that beautiful fishing boat in the background.  Incredible huh!

The baptism was really incredible!  

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