Sunday, May 25, 2014

Flowers and Shell Stories

May 7, 2014

These pictures are of the beach at the resort in Rizal.  

 The flowers were just outside the resort and looked so pretty.  But  we need to take some other pictures of flowers because the colors mostly are so vibrant!  They are beautiful!

We took the picture of the palm tree because it is bent.  Most of them are straight.  There is one on the way to Puerto that we need to get a picture of.  It is very interesting.  This one is one Dad took of the beach Monday morning.

Just a quick story about our beach trip.  Dad loves to collect shells, as you know.  There were quite a few of them on the beach, and a lot of different ones so we collected a lot.  With his hands full of shells walking down the beach, one of them proceeds to walk off his hand.  It turns out it was inhabited by a pretty good size crab (not the big crabs we eat, but the little ones that are all over).  That evening, as he was washing up the shells in our motel he finds an even larger crab in one of the bigger shells collected.  Then when we get home, he, being convinced that there are no more problems with the shells, puts them on our bookshelf for display.  The following day as he was in the living room studying, he was surprised to see one of the shells fall off the shelf.  As he was looking at it, wondering how it could have fallen off the shelf, as they were in the middle of the shelf, it begins to lift a little and crawl across the floor.  Again, another crab!  

 A few days later we started to smell this horrible smell and as we searched to find out where it was coming from, we found yet another shell that was sealed up, was leaking the most putrid smelling slimy stuff, due to the fact that the mussel inside (which of course we did not realize), had deteriorated.  Fun! Fun!

Well, I think we've decided we wont collect shells any more.

Love you all!

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  1. That is funny. My kids had hermit crabs when they were little and we lost a few.