Sunday, September 21, 2014

Andrea Once Baptism and Other Fun Pics!

September 8, 2014

I think I've told you about Bro & Sis Dagdag. They are the cutest couple! I found out today that they live several kilometers from the church. Each Saturday they come to Narra (on the bike/cart - I've included a picture) and stay at a member's son's home because he is not there. Then on Sunday afternoon they travel back home.  We had no idea because when they leave from English class they go down the road past the church but yesterday afternoon we saw them way far away from the church in a totally different direction so I asked a friend and she told me the story.  And they are so faithful.  I don't think they have ever missed church except for when they are out of town. 

They call these fan palms.  You can see why.  They are really cool!

Our chapel in Narra. 
They are talking about adding on to it.  We hope they do soon because it is too small now.

Andrea Once

Elder Tofi (from Samoa) and Andrea

Andrea's baptism.  
As I've told you, most people we have met LOVE to have their pictures taken.

 I meant to send this one last time. This is Dad with Brother Binas.  I wish he would have smiled like he did when we gave him his mission call. He has the best, biggest smile! He was so excited!!

White parrots.  
These were in our trees and neighbor's trees.  There were quite a few of them.  We've not seen them before now.  They are really pretty. It was hard to get pics of them.

Departing missionaries.  All the Elders were from Narra zone. The sisters were leaving from Puerto.  The couple at the end are President and Sister Angoy. He serves in the mission presidency but is not a full time missionary.  Actually he is over the Seminary and Institute programs for the Manila area, which includes all of Palawan.  We really love them both!  They are great people.

 Love you all!!!

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