Sunday, March 8, 2015

Another Busy Week!

March 2, 2015

Hi everyone!

We hope you are all doing really well! We are into March now so hopefully weather for you will improve. For us it will just be getting hotter. It already has, and this seems earlier than last year, but we will survive. 

It was a busy, but good week last week. We had our second family history activity on Saturday. It was not near as well attended, but it actually worked out really well because those that were there were actually able to input some names and some were able to print off the forms to do baptisms. That is until we had a brown-out, which seems to be happening more frequently right now. 

This weekend is our District Conference and Ostler asked dad to help President Angoy prepare a 40 minute training sessions on home teaching for the Priesthood session. President Hiatt was going to do it but a week ago yesterday Sister Hiatt had an emergency appendectomy. She was really sick and there were no flights to Manila so they had it done in Puerto. She went home on Tuesday, and just seemed to get worse so on Friday they flew to Manila. She has some kind of blockage and may have to have another surgery. We are really praying not. She is just this little tiny woman and she hasn't been able to eat or drink anything for more than a week so she has got to be really weak. She is not very old, a year younger than I am. (I know that seems old to you, but not really for senior couples :)  ) 

Our week has been pretty much the same, although we were assigned 3 new home teaching families and took Brother and Sister Dagdag with us to find them as they thought they knew where they lived. We did eventually find 2 of them with the help of a member in that area. It's right close to the ocean.  One family was very receptive and the other one not so much. The Elders told us that the unreceptive family said they were going to ask to have their names removed but we are hoping they will let us come. We will take a member with us as I don't think either family speaks much English and my Tagalog is still pangit! (Literal translation is ugly, but they use it for bad, or like when dad was looking for a bolt they found one that didn't fit so they said "pangit"). But I'm still working on it.

This week is a slower one, so far, but I am having another cooking class with a few more sisters. Sister Martinez wants to learn cheesecake so I will do our good baked one but if anyone has my  jello cheesecake recipe I will try to do that one as well. 

Sister Martinez is actually moving to Tarlac, which is about 2 hours from Manila. Her husband got a job that lasts just a year, in Manila and that has been hard the family. And now her mom needs someone to help take care of her so they will go there and Brother Martinez can at least see them on weekends. I will miss her and her children. I don't remember if I told you about Brother and Sister Laureo. They are a cute young couple with 2 children. Sister quit her job in January to stay home with their kids, and they told us they are expecting again. Anyway, they asked us to teach them how to make pizza because they want to try to open a business. At first they want to do by orders and then maybe establish something. They want to learn donuts and probably some other things. I think she is coming to the cheesecake class too. I'm just so happy that she is able to stay  home with her kids! 

Next week is Zone meeting on Tuesday and Zone conference on Friday, so it will be a busy week. English class is going well. I think I told you we have 2 American elders working with us and they really make it fun! 

Well, that's about it on this home front. We love and miss you all so much! We are so blessed to have such a truly wonderful family! I mean that with all my heart! We love and appreciate you all so much and are so proud of you! (In a talk by President Uchtdorf  "Pride and the Priesthood", he says there is a difference between being proud of certain things and being prideful. He says he is proud of his children and grandchildren.) 

We appreciate your love, support, and prayers, and that you are all striving to live the gospel. We are so very blessed!

Dad and Mom,
Grandpa and Grandma

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