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February 26, 2015

Dear Family,

Sorry I am late writing this week. We did finally get our internet fixed (who knows for how long!) but it has been a very busy week. 

Monday was prep for the missionary luncheon on Tuesday. It is always so fun to have the Elders here, but it is a lot of work. After the luncheon we had District meeting, then we drove to Aborlan to replace their kitchen faucet and do an apartment inspection. Then to Bagong Sikat to go visiting with the Gattuds. They were gone from about the middle of December until about the end of January so we haven't done a lot of visiting with them lately. With other obligations we had to rearrange our schedule and have had a hard time coordinating with them, but hopefully we're back on track.  It was good to go out with them again.  Probably in April we will have them go with us to visit and teach the Uda family and the Magsino family to help prepare them to go to the temple.  We will probably only visit them once a month because they will not be going until November. We are hoping to have 2 families from Narra going as well. And we hope there might be some less active families that will have a desire to come back and then prepare.  There are so many less actives here. After that we had choir practice. It is our branch's turn to sing for District conference. We have not had a choir since we have been here. Brother Tana has a good voice and likes to sing so he is in charge. Sister Ostler told me about a cool tool on where you can find a hymn and have it play parts, separately or any combination of the 4 parts. It's been fun and the members who have joined are working hard. 

Wednesday was devoted mostly to preparing for English class.  I am having the Narra A Elders, who are both American, help me and the class really loves them. They are a lot of fun and it is a good class.  Brother Tana and his whole family come. 

Today we spent the day in Cabar and Brookes Point. Cabar needed a new fridge, a lock on their back door and we tried to connect a hose to their hand pump for water, but that didn't work very well. Right now they have no indoor water but there is this big tank outside that is hooked up to the water pipes from the kitchen sink so if we could run the hose from the pump to the tank they could have running water in the kitchen. But when they attached the hose water pours out of the top of the pump so there is not enough pressure to get it into the tank. It is a REALLY old pump! But the Elders were pretty excited about the possibility of having running water so they are going to work on it and see what they can figure out.

Tomorrow we will go to Rizal and Quezon for apartment checks. 

Saturday we have another Family History activity as well as training for the 2 new branch FH consultants. We are hoping for a good turn out. But the 2 computers at the church are not working. Someone, someplace, is suppose to be working on getting us some new computers so we can actually have a family history center. 

Our 4 families are moving steadily forward, preparing for the temple. We are so excited for them! We LOVE them all - they are great families! 

Other than that, things are pretty much the same.  The weather is heating up because we are moving into summer here. It has been so dry here, very little rain. We are concerned for the farmers here.

Thank you for all the emails! I will not have time to respond to them this week but I will try to get to them next week.  It should be a little calmer week next week, but from day to day we never know. But we love hearing from all of you - we love and miss you all so much!

Just a closing thought, well a couple of closing thoughts. I was reading the other day about Nephi and his family and the broken bow and how they had no food. As I thought about that I thought about the good people here who know what that is like to have no food. Many of them have and do go without food. We have never experienced that - ever. We have always had so much and have never had to go hungry or worry about where our next meal is coming from. We are so blessed and it is so important that we remember that and not take for granted the many, many blessings of our Heavenly Father. It is so important that we strive to be obedient and faithful in all things so that Heavenly Father will continue to bless our country. There is much wickedness in the world, and in our country, but individual righteousness blesses nations. And because we are so blessed to have the gospel we need to share it with others. It is the greatest blessing we have and it will bless the lives of any who accept and live it's teachings. 

The other thought is more of an experience that we had last night at English class. The students are encouraged to read for at least 10 minutes each night out loud in English. I have encouraged them to read the Book of Mormon (English), but it is their choice, of course. But a few days before class I decided that we would read it in groups for about 15 minutes, primarily for pronunciation and to explain any words that they did not understand. So we did that and as we read there was a power and a spirit that came into the class. I know that there is power in the B of M, but this was just another witness of how the B of M can bless all aspects of our lives. I was just surprised, and didn't expect it because we were not reading it to gain insights, but the power was so evident. I hope and I pray that all of us who are able to read are reading, studying, pondering, praying about, and applying the Book of Mormon to our lives EVERY SINGLE DAY! With the wickedness in the world, I think it will be very difficult to endure what is to come if we are not doing this.  

We love you all so much!

Dad and Mom, Grandpa and Grandma

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