Sunday, March 8, 2015

Just Some Pics

February 26, 2015

These are our two most recent baptisms. Brother Mike Ferrar who is just a quiet humble man, but so prepared for the gospel. The missionaries that taught him said everything they committed him to do he just did, no question - quit smoking, quit drinking coffee, pay tithing, go to church, etc. He will be a great asset to our branch.  He is single, so everyone is trying to play match maker! But we do have several very available YW.
The little girl is Jela Mae Bascar. Her family is less active but hopefully  they will come so she can keep coming. They are a good family - I think they have five daughters.

Our last group of departing missionaries - from L Elders Estigoy and Fernandez, me, dad, Elder Rivera, whom we really loved and we thought he would "die" here (you probably know that means end his mission here), but he was transferred back to Manila for his last transfer. He is in the Sandoval area and has worked so hard to build the branch there. He is a great teacher and he loves kids and they love him.

Dad with (now) Elder Felmore Flores from Rizal. We again had the privilege of delivering his mission call. He was so excited! He has only been a convert for about a year, has no family to speak of, and I'm not sure how it all came about but has been living with the BP in Rizal since his baptism. He has learned to play the piano fairly well and has served as branch clerk. He'll be a good missionary. He just went into the MTC on the 21st.

Dad's papayas. 
They are very interesting plants. They look like trees but are not.

 Some of the fruit is large and some small. 
I don't like it but Dad is trying to learn to like it. It is suppose to be very healthy.

 We've told you how they load their motorcycles, trikes, buses etc but this has to be one of the best! It's a motorcycle with a little side cart.


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