Saturday, April 25, 2015

Happy Easter, a little late!!

April 7, 2015

Dear Family,

We love you SO much!! And hope you are all doing well. We hope you had a wonderful Easter and really enjoyed Conference. We are so looking forward to it this weekend, since we have to wait a week because we are 14 hours ahead of SLC. Actually last night for FHE we watched the Priesthood session. It was so good.

Last week was busy, as usual, but so good! All four of our families have their flight tickets to go to the temple in May. We were concerned that some would not be able to go for a few months because the temple assistance fund requires the family to pay 60-70% of the cost and the fund will pay the rest. The ticket prices at the time we submitted the request were really high. However, we found some really cheap prices for the flights so that is covered. We know this was a blessing from the Lord because we checked prices the next day and they had gone up again, not quite as high, but more than we paid. We are also going to be there with the families and are really excited. They are all wonderful families and this will be a huge blessing for them and for the Branch. There are four other families, all recent converts that we are hoping will all be able to go in November. 

We had four baptisms on Saturday. There were going to be five but one was postponed. I have included pictures of them. The older couple are Brother and Sister Espatera. They are the parents of our BP wife, and are the cutest couple! We love them! And the two girls are the Soberano sisters (I'm not sure on the spelling). Their mother is not a member and their father is less-active,  and there is a little brother as well, but they seem like really nice people and they were all at church on Sunday. We are hoping this will spur things on for them. They are a cute family. The oldest one is just like a little mother because her parents both work and she takes really good care of the two younger ones.

 It has been really interesting to me to see how so many youth and YSA are so prepared for the gospel. Like our BP's wife, Sister Andres. I can't remember how she came to hear the gospel, but she accepted it, gave up her studies and went on a mission. I think one of her sisters joined the church previously and now her parents.

We have a missionary in the Narra zone who accepted the gospel. After he was baptized he said his grandma beat him, but it was ok because he knew that it was true and that was all that mattered. He is just a humble, kind person. And we have had several YSA join the church. One in particular has just embraced the gospel. She is so active and involved. 

Anyway, it is just an amazing experience being here in the mission field and seeing people accept and embrace the gospel. It is so hard when some cannot give up bad habits or are influenced by family, etc. And it is hard to see those who really seem to be converted fall away. Member fellowshipping and friendshipping is so important! I was never good at that. But I am committed to do that now, after seeing what can happen when it doesn't happen. 
Well, better run. It's getting late.

We love and miss you all so much! We appreciate your love and prayers and all else that you do for us. 

Remember, Faith is not know what the future holds, but Who holds the future.

Love you all!
Grandpa and Grandma,
Dad and Mom

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