Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Beautiful Week!

May 15, 2015

Well, the week has flown by! Can't believe it is already Friday. But it has been a great week!

 I may  have already told you this, in one of the first zone meetings with President Ostler, it might have been the first one, he said, "One a mission the bad days outnumber the good, but the good days outweigh the bad." That is so true. 

It was a wonderful experience, really beyond words, to see those families in the temple, receiving their endowments and being sealed. It really is what the gospel is all about! While we were in Manila we did some touring with the Northrups and the Hiatts. We went to a place called the Intramuros. It is basically a walled city that was built, I'm not sure if it was during the Spanish invasion or what but there are really some amazing buildings. If you have time you might want to google it. I was going to before I sent this email but no time. 

On Tuesday evening the Ostlers invited us to dinner and then we had an interview with President Ostler. We don't have them very often because he is so swamped with all the young missionaries and everything else. But it was good to visit with him. His focus is getting families to the temple so he was really  happy about the 4 families. He asked us whats next. We told him we have 4 more families we want to  work with to help them go to the temple by the end of November. He was considering moving us to the Santa Monica branch in Puerto, but since we have these families in mind he is going to leave us here for now. We are so happy about that. He also asked us if we know any couples that might be willing to come on a mission to the Philippines. We are so short on senior couples. When we first got here there were 9 but 6 have gone home, with no replacements. The Northrups go home in September and we do have a couple coming in about that time. They are friends of President and Sister Hiatt and they talked to them about coming. They agreed to indicate on their application that they were willing to come to the Manila mission, and that is where they were called. We have come up with a couple of names and are trying to think of others. 

Anyway, by the time we got home Wednesday night we were pretty exhausted, but happily so. Thursday was another fun day. We were able to take a mission call out to a sister in Quezon. She was so excited! We didn't really know her because Dad didn't have to help much on her paperwork, but she just thanked us over and over again. In the Philippines it takes a lot longer to receive the call. I guess it is mailed to either the Area presidency  or maybe directly to President Ostler. Then he sends it to Palawan and if it is in the Narra district we get to deliver it. It's another really fun part of our mission. We also had to deliver somethings - a bike caliper, thank you cards to the BP of Cabar and Brookes Point from President Angoy,and a wallet the Elder Dela Cruz left at the zone leaders apartment in Puerto. Tomorrow we have a service project at the Pamulags, a baptism (child of record), and choir practice. Sunday is our Branch Conference. Next week we will be helping with District Youth Conference, so it should be a busy, fun week. 

Well, we've got an appointment in just a bit so I will close. I will send pictures in a separate email, after the appointment if possible, or tomorrow morning. 

We love and miss you all!!! Thanks for emailing us and keeping us up to date on how life is going. We LOVE hearing from you.

Grandpa and Grandma,
Dad and Mom

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