Sunday, May 24, 2015

Families Are Forever

May 18, 2015

 Working on family history with the families going to the temple. I think they all had names to take, but we did not have time for them to do the work themselves. Susunod na lang po!

 Everyone (except the Abrigo kids) at the temple before we went in. I think I have told you that Filipinos are always late, but Tuesday morning we were suppose to be at the temple by 9am. We told them to be there by 8:30am to be sure everyone was there, and we got a call at about 8:15am saying, "where are you? We are all here waiting for you!" I think they were excited!!! And a little nervous. They are all beautiful families! We love them!

The Corpuz Family

The Palo family - I'm not sure who the other gal is. I forgot to ask Sister Palo.

The Pamulag family I wish I could have gotten a picture of Bro. Pamulag's face after the sealing. It was pure joy!

 The Abrigo family - After a VERY long day, Adam had had enough so they left before we could get pictures in their whites. When they brought Adam in he had a car and a truck, one in each hand and he would not let them go. So, they got sealed to the family as well. I'm not sure how that works!

 Everyone but the Abrigos after the sealings. It was in the shade so not the best picture. This is where I wanted to take the family pics but there was a newly married couple taking pictures and everyone was tired and didn't want to wait. Vinise was especially tired. She is so cute! One time when we were visiting I said, "oh mabuti! mabuti!" about something, and she thought that was funny so every time after that when she saw me she would say, "Mabuti, mabuti!"

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