Sunday, May 24, 2015

Touring Manila

May 18, 2015

 Sister Northrup and I are in a trike. Most trikes are powered by a motorcycle but the 2 trikes we rented were operated by the 2 men in the next picture.

Fitch and Elmer - I cannot imagine the leg strength on these men. There were 3 adults in each trike and they pedaled us everywhere. And the one man on the left had a deformed foot. It was amazing that they, and especially he, could do that kind of pedaling. It was kind of funny. When we got out of the car they came up and asked if we wanted to use their service. They showed us a sign that indicated 350 php / 30 minutes per trike. We thought 350 and the tour would be 30 minutes. Well they took us to different places in the intramuros, we toured some of the cathedrals and the fort, not realizing it was 350 per 30 minutes.  When we got back to our car they were so excited. Then we found out why when they explained the 350/30 minutes. So instead of 750 total it was about 3300 php because the tour was much longer than 30 minutes. That is only about 80 US dollars, but probably more than they make in a month! It was so fun to see them so excited and so happy! For me, it was the best part of the tour! They thanked us over and over and over again. I will never forget that experience.

 Inside one of the cathedrals. It is blurry, which is too bad because there is some amazing workmanship in these churches. They  are very depressing though. With coffins and crosses. I'm thankful we worship the Resurrected Christ.

 Another cathedral.  

This is the entrance into the fort within the intramuros. I tried to look up on line about the intramuros but the computer was being difficult. I believe this fort is where Jose Rizal was held before he was executed. He is a national hero, but I can't really tell you too much about him. It is terrible, I should know more of the history  of the Philippines. Maybe someday. Maybe that can be a school project for someone and you  can teach me all about it.

Skyscrapers in Manila. When you  look at this picture it looks like a pretty modern city, but the next picture is just right next door to the skyscrapers.

I don't know if you can really see the condition of the houses etc in this picture, but the houses and stores are falling down, it is really, really terrible. Manila is a hard place to be in. People here in Narra are poor, but I think most people have some type of shelter. We do not see people, families sleeping on the streets.

Well, that's it for now! Hope you all have a great week! We love you!

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