Tuesday, June 23, 2015

May malakas ang ulan ngayon!

June 15, 2015

We had a great rainstorm this morning!!!! 

When we left for our walk it was cloudy and a little cooler, which was nice. We went to the property to check the dragon fruit plants and water the pumpkins. Then we decided to go to the little Seventh Day Adventist bakery - they sell "whole wheat" bread, etc but we are not sure if it is whole wheat but it is good and they are nice people - and as we were walking there it started raining. We got drenched!! We would walk and then find some place to wait for a bit, and then go again. It really was kind of fun, and so nice to not have the hot sun beating down on us. It continued for a while after we got home. Probably the best rain we have had for quite awhile. So, we are hoping this is the beginning of the rainy season. It has stayed cooler all day. 

Last week was a great week! President and Sister Hiatt came out to bring some stuff and stayed for dinner. It was fun to have them come. It is just so nice to talk to some adults who really do understand everything you are saying! We had a great zone meeting, and on Wednesday (after zone meeting) and Thursday we had our last 2 English classes. Because we have transfers this week and 2 of the students in the class are leaving to go to college this week, I didn't want to wait until next week for the final class so we just did them back to back. It was good! We took pictures but none of them turned out so I am going to try to get the elders to down load theirs onto our laptop. They were a great class and we had a lot of fun!

We worked on getting everything set for the members from Cabar to go to the temple next week. I think we have all the issues worked out and hopefully everything will go smoothly. Neither of the sisters has flown or been to Manila so they were really concerned about what to do when they get there. We asked President Ostler if a set of missionaries could meet them there and help them get a shuttle. So they will do that and get them to the mission home where President will interview them and them get them to the temple housing. And we got the TPA funds worked out so they all have their money. It is exciting that they are all able to go.

Also on Friday a man that we had OYM'd showed up at our house. He said he wanted to meet with us the next day. He said he had a couple of questions and wanted to show us some publications that our church might want to purchase. So we figured that he wanted to sell us something. But when we had OYM'd him he mentioned being confused about baptism for the dead so we invited the elders over to meet him with us. He speaks pretty good English but when you get into gospel topics Tagalog is always better for them. Anyway, we were right. He is a Seventh Day Adventist and they have a publishing company - children's bible stories, health and nutrition books because apparently they have kind of a health law too. But we did discuss the gospel, somewhat. He is hung up on why we worship on Sunday and not Saturday because Saturday is the 7th day and according to him it is a pagan practice to worship on Sunday. Anyway, we didn't really think he was searching for truth, but one of the elders shared his testimony and it was really strong. Who knows, maybe. He says he has read the Book of Mormon and he really likes it. He thinks Joseph Smith is a prophet, but he says why don't we follow the words in the B of M because in Mosiah where he quotes the 10 commandments it talks about on the 7th day we rest, etc. Anyway, it was kind of frustrating, but a good experience. We really don't get to teach much.

We didn't visit any temple prep families last last week because President and Sister Andres were both sick. But we visited one yesterday and it was So good. They are very poor - he is a fisherman, but they committed to save 1000php every month, which would give them 6000 by December. That is really a sacrifice for them. They have one boy who will be 8 in August. We are hoping the brother will baptize and confirm him. Sometimes they are a little shy about doing things like that, but it will be so good for him.

It will be a busy week this week with transfers, and President Hiatt wants us to be involved in the new trainer training meetings and the new leader training meetings and the finish strong meetings because they will be leaving in October and we may have to take over. No one knows, but just in case. Well, better run. There is always so much to do! Which is really great.

We hope you are all doing well. We love to hear from you!
We love and miss you so much!!!

Grandpa and Grandma,
Dad and Mom

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