Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hi y'all!

July 21, 2015

Hey! How's your summer going???? How has the weather been? We have had about 5 or 6 days without rain, which is not good. Hopefully we will get more soon. But, we are grateful for what we have received. We just keep thinking about what President Jones used to say, that when it stops raining in Nevada it forgets how to start again. We hope that isn't the case here. Things have been busy here, but nothing out of the ordinary. 

The highlight of our week was Sunday, with President and Sister Ostler here. There were missionary interviews on Saturday and then they stayed over and attended and spoke in Sacrament meeting on Sunday. After the meetings they met with all of the families and individuals preparing to go to the temple in December. It was really a wonderful meeting. Short, but so good! He asked each member, or a member of each family to just introduce themselves and tell why they wanted to go to the temple. The Spirit was strong and there was just this wonderful feeling of bonding. Afterwards we took some group pictures (we didn't have our camera but will get copies) and it was amazing to see all these people who will hopefully be in the temple together in December. We have visited most of them, but seeing them all together was awesome. There are also 2 other families and 2 other sisters that will hopefully be able to go as well. President invited all of them to the mission home, probably the Monday night before they go to the temple, to have dinner. They were pretty excited about that. President and Sister Ostler are wonderful people! After that meeting they went on visits with the missionaries and then, about 7:30pm came to our house for dinner. It was a good visit. We really love and appreciate them. 

Oh, and we had another miracle on Sunday. We have this wonderful family in our branch - actually they are all WONDERFUL, but some we know better than others. The Ordanza family, I think I have told you about them, they have a daughter serving in the England London, so for the past two mother's days and last Christmas they have come here to skype with her. Well their daughter is getting released and they had received a form that they needed to fill out and send back to her mission president. After it was filled out I told her I would scan and send it to him because it probably would not make it back before she is released, which is September 2. She was grateful to have me to do that. BUT, I LOST IT!!! She gave it to me right after meetings, and I didn't want to put it in my bag because I knew I'd forget about it and I wanted to get it sent as soon as I got home, so I just put it on top of my bag. But then we got involved in the Temple meeting and pictures, etc, and I forgot all about it. I even forgot my bag when we were leaving, but I remembered it and ran back in to get it but didn't even think about the letter. After we got home and were busy doing things somehow the subject came up and I realized I had no idea where it was. I went through my bag but it was not there. Dad ran down to the church but couldn't find it. He called to tell me that and to say he would start going through the trash. I, of course, had prayed about it, and continued praying about it. The thought came to me to text Brother Erwin Honrado as he is the branch clerk and I had seen him in the chapel stacking chairs. So I sent him a text asking if he happened to see the letter. He texted back, "Yes sister. It's in the clerks office." He willingly went back down to the church to get it for us. He told dad that one of the little kids had brought it to him. We have had, and continue to have so many witnesses that the Lord is watching over us, even when we are neglectful or forgetful. I guess He expects that with "Senior Couples". Anyway, life is GREAT!!! And I was so grateful I didn't have to contact the Ordanza's and tell them I had lost it. Oh, and also with them, on Sunday their son, Raymark, received his mission call. President Ostler brought it out. He leaves just 5 days BEFORE his sister is released. We are hoping something can be done about that. Anyway, I got some pictures from the missionaries, so I will be sending A LOT of pictures in several emails. I hope that is ok. I just have time right now and I don't want to forget.

We love and miss you all so much!!! But we are so thankful for this opportunity to serve! We loves these people here. We have learned so much from them. They are humble, hardworking, loving people!

Dad and Mom, Grandpa and Grandma

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