Monday, August 3, 2015

Working in the Rice Field!!!

July 21, 2015

Anyway, last week we had quite an experience. We had a service project to help a member plant his rice field. It was HUGE!!

 Us and the Narra A and C elders by the rice field.

Dad and I at the lake, which is part of the rice farm.

Elders Tabanou and Jervoso drinking what they claim to be fresh water. 
Dad and I didn't take a chance.

Elder Smith with a turkey. 
This family, the Malabuets, who own the rice farm also raise turkeys. We thought about buying a couple to raise for thanksgiving but it would take too much time.

Elder Tabanou standing in the rice field.

The rice farm, well, some of it. It's huge!

Mostly what we were working in were areas like Elder Tabanou was standing in, but there were some just really muddy places. And the mud is terrible. I told you that I fell down in the paddy and it ruined my shirt. Even soaking it in straight bleach wouldn't touch it. And of course my pants are stained too. 

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