Sunday, September 20, 2015


September 15, 2015
Dear Brenoch, Jean, Anne, Leah, Neal, Luke, Claire, Kamber, Mike, McKenna, Hannah, Dallin, Eliza, Esther, Adelaide, Nyree, Stephen, Grace, Willie, Shelby, Audrey, Tommy, Lizzie, Keira, Mike, Shae and Kyler
We hope you are all doing GREAT! We love and miss you all so much! It was fun to type all your names and just think of you.
Things are busy here, as usual. We made 2 trips last week to Puerto, which was fun but long. We took Elders Merrill and Tabanou to the airport. They flew to Manila on Monday and flew home on Wednesday. It was kind of funny, (and maybe I already told you this), but Elder Merrill was here when we first arrived. I think Narra was his very first area and he had been here a few transfers before we arrived and just stayed one transfer after we arrived. And then he came back a few months ago to finish his mission. President Stucki did not send missionaries back to Palawan if they had already served here, but President Ostler does. Elder Tabanou had served here before as well, but he was in Quezon the first time. And our new zone leader served in Brookes Point previously. Anyway, that was a good trip to Puerto. We got most of our shopping done and got home fairly early. We were glad that we did because on Wednesday when we went down again President and Sister Hiatt asked if we would do some shopping for a new apartment they had to set up for missionaries. We were happy to do it, but it took us a little longer because we are not as familiar with Puerto. But it was good. They are really busy as they will be going home September 28th. The couple replacing them will arrive in Puerto on Friday. The Hiatts will bring them out next week to meet us and see the area. It will be fun to meet them. But we will really miss the Hiatts.
Sunday was a little disappointing because 2 of our 3 appointments were cancelled. But we had a good visit with the Gineza family. And we attended church in Sandoval and there were almost 50 members there, including children! We were really hoping that they would become a branch officially, before we leave, but it is looking like that may not happen. But, we shall see. As I was sitting there in church watching some of these members I was just so happy to see them active again in church. The gospel blesses our lives in so many ways! And keeping the Sabbath day holy  is so important. Today for zone meeting we were shown several video clips of a training meeting that was taught by the Quorum of the 12 and was for all General Authorities, Area Authorities, Area 70’s, and General Auxilliary leaders. It was given in April of this year. The focus was on building faith in our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ through keeping the Sabbath Day holy and they talked about what we need to do in our wards and branches to make Sacrament meeting a spiritual experience and help members understand the significance of the Sacrament. They also talked about the importance of keeping the Sabbath Day holy in our homes, not just at church. Anyway, it was really good and just made me think of those Sandoval members and how happy they all seem when they meet together on Sunday. And seeing the growth in some of the new members there.
 Yesterday was a very busy day! There was a promo for the flights we needed for the December temple trip so I spent most of the day on line buying tickets. Including us and President Andres (his wife won’t be able to go) and Brother and Sister Bunquin (he’s in the branch presidency), there will be 38 people going to the temple! President just added another family a couple of days ago. And we also got great news from temple housing – they will be able to accommodate all of us in temple housing.I may have told you before, but President Ostler invited all of the members going on this trip to the mission home for a meal and probably a little family home evening, so that should be good.  The members were pretty excited about it when he told them. It was kind of strange purchasing our tickets – one way. Just kind of strange to think about we will go to the temple with these members and then next day we will be flying home! Time goes by fast!
Well, I have rambled on long enough! We hope you are all happy, healthy, and moving forward!
Love you all!!
Grandpa and Grandma
Dad and Mom

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