Sunday, November 1, 2015


September 29, 2015

So, officially we have less than 3 months before we will return home. Honestly I cannot believe it. The time has gone by  so  fast! You don’t need to worry – we are not getting trunky! There is still so much work we need to do  here. But, we do need to make preparations for our return. When the young missionaries have 4 transfers left President encourages them to start thinking about what they are going to do when they get home, to apply  for college, take the tests they need to take or whatever. Of course he expects them to NOT get trunky and finish strong, but they have to make plans. Obviously it is very different for us, although I have wondered what is in store for us next. But we will worry about that later. I would  like to start making plans for our reunion. I have asked a friend of mine from our ward in Idaho to see if we can reserve the church for December 24th and the 26th. I know the older girls  have talked and probably planned to have a Christmas program on the 24th. I am so excited about that! I hope everyone can participate. We will be speaking in church on the 27th so we will invite extended family out and will have a luncheon on the 26th. Both of these are scheduled from noon till about 6pm. I thought that would be better so we are not getting home late and then trying to get the kids ready for bed. Hopefully we will be able to schedule the church. As for the food, my plan is to have nachos on Christmas eve, (a tradition),  prime rib and chicken on Christmas day, and ham and turkey on the 26th, with whatever to go along with the meat on both days. For those staying longer, and you are all welcome to! We would love to have you for as long as you can! But we can figure out the rest of the food after Sunday. So I would like to know what sounds good to everyone, side dishes, deserts, etc. I don’t know that we can have everything everyone wants but hopefully something that sounds good to everyone – including the kids. So if you can just send me an email and then I will figure things out. Of course all the shopping will have to be done before we get home but I will ask for help and send you the money. Also please let me know how long you will each be staying because I want to have a family picture –  I know some don’t like pictures but we haven’t all been together for soooooo long, and who knows what the future brings, so we need to plan the day for that as well. I think we are going to be exhausted when we get home so I think you will all be having to do the work, but I am so excited!!! I really can’t let myself think about it too much. Well, I am sure there are many other things we need to plan. Let me know what you are thinking and planning, other than food. That is always first on my list J.
Love you all!!!

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